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The official publication of the North American Conference on British Studies (NACBS), the Journal of British Studies, has positioned itself as the critical resource for scholars of British culture from the Middle Ages through the present. Drawing on both established and emerging approaches, JBS presents scholarly articles and books reviews from renowned international authors who share their ideas on British society, politics, law, economics, and the arts. In 2005 (Vol. 44), the journal merged with the NACBS publication Albion, creating one journal for NACBS membership.


Founded in 1950, the NACBS was known in its early years simply as the Conference on British Studies (CBS). The conference became affiliated with the American Historical Association (AHA) in 1952, and was incorporated under the laws of the State of New York in 1965. It adopted its current name in 1980. The NACBS has six regional affiliates. These include the Middle Atlantic (MACBS), Midwest (MWCBS), North East (NECBS), Pacific Coast (PCCBS), Southern (SCBS), Western (WCBS). After a very successful joint meeting at Portland with the NACBS in 2003, Northwest Conference on British Studies (NWCBS) voted to disband this regional, with NWCBS members to be affiliated with either the Pacific Coast CBS or the Western CBS. But NWCBS continues to exist, virtually, with an unmoderated NWCBS listserv (to which all in the region are invited to subscribe).

The NACBS also has a close and formal relationship with H-Albion, the H-Net Discussion Network for British and Irish History. H-Albion acts as a principal outlet for e-mail dissemination of NACBS information such as call for papers for conferences and conference programs. Information regarding subscriptions to the H-Albion discussion network is available on the H-Albion website.

Additionally, the NACBS has a formal relationship with the Institute of Historical Research (IHR) at the University of London. Founded in 1921 by A. F. Pollard, the Institute of Historical Research (IHR) is an important resource and meeting place for researchers from all over the world. Free, individual memberships to the Institute of Historical Research, University of London, is available current members of the NACBS on a first-come, first-served basis. Preference will be given to dissertation writers and junior faculty members. Contact Andy August, NACBS Executive Secretary for details.

The NACBS encourages its members to join the American Friends of the IHR. The American Friends of the IHR (AFIHR) was founded to help the Institute by providing funds for particular projects. The AFIHR Officers and Board of Directors serve voluntarily. Contributions made through the American Friends are U.S. tax-deductible. In addition, donors to the AFIHR residing in North America (above the level noted) are entitled to:

  • full access to Institute facilities in London
  • discount (10%) on all IHR publications
  • discounts on conference and registration fees
  • email notification of major Institute events and news - interested Friends should send their email addresses to the IHR Development Office
  • receive the Newsletter prepared by the Institute for its Friends all over the world
  • invitation to the annual Friends' AGM, Lecture and Party (usually in the Spring term at the IHR)


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