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The official publication of the North American Conference on British Studies (NACBS), the Journal of British Studies, has positioned itself as the critical resource for scholars of British culture from the Middle Ages through the present. Drawing on both established and emerging approaches, JBS presents scholarly articles and books reviews from renowned international authors who share their ideas on British society, politics, law, economics, and the arts. In 2005 (Vol. 44), the journal merged with the NACBS publication Albion, creating one journal for NACBS membership.



The NACBS, in collaboration with the Huntington Library, offers annually the NACBS-HUNTINGTON LIBRARY FELLOWSHIP to aid in dissertation research in British Studies using the collections of the library.  The amount of the fellowship is $3000.  A requirement for holding the fellowship is that the time of tenure be spent in residence at the Huntington Library.  The time of residence varies, but may be as brief as one month. Applicants must be U. S. or Canadian citizens or permanent residents and enrolled in a Ph.D. program in a U. S. or Canadian institution. 

Nominations and applications for the 2018 award are invited. Please note that the applications are due on November 15, 2017.  Applications should consist of a curriculum vitae, a description of the dissertation research project, and two supporting letters (one from the applicant's dissertation advisor). The letters should include a description of the materials to be consulted at the Huntington and the reason that these are essential sources for the dissertation.

A copy of the c.v. and the description of the dissertation project should be sent electronically via e-mail (as a single WORD or PDF file) to each member of the Huntington Library Fellowship Committee listed below. Letters of recommendation should be sent electronically as well to each committee member directly by the referee. The application file should be named (APPLICANT’S LAST NAME_Application) and letters of recommendation should be named (APPLICANT’S LAST NAME_Letter). Materials must be submitted electronically by 11:59 PM on November 15, 2017. Awards will be announced by January 30, 2018.
Applicants for the NACBS fellowship are also welcome to apply to supplement that award with a short-term award from the Huntington Library itself under the terms of its own fellowship competition, the closing date for which is also November 15, 2017.
Send materials to:  
Chair: Professor Robert Travers
Cornell University
Department of History
450 McGraw Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853  USA
Professor Ted McCormick
Department of History
Concordia University
LB-1001.01 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W
Montréal, QC H3G 1M8  CANADA
Professor Olivia Weisser
History Department
University of Massachusetts, Boston
100 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125


NACBS-Huntington Library Fellowship for 2016-2017 

Awarded to Parissa Djangi (Stony Brook University) for “Colonial Wives: Gender, Work, and Transcolonial Connections in the British Empire, 1780-1830” 

Ms. Djangi’s project is intended as a contribution to the new cultural history of women in the British empire, and investigates colonial wives as a lens through which to illuminate the gender dynamics of the colonial state. In particular, she seeks to challenge the traditional scholarly vilification that characterizes colonial wives as vapid, lazy and passive. By analyzing the wives of colonial servants as global travelers, political agents and significant nodes of communication in the networks of colonial rule, she explores how her subjects modified British wifely duties and obligations to the exigencies of life in the distant corners of the empire. She made a very persuasive case that the Huntington was the most appropriate research institution in which to reconstruct the significance of the epistolary and artistic culture that circulated empire ‘home’ to family and friends in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.