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About the British and Irish Studies Intelligencer (BISI)

The British and Irish Intelligencer (BISI) was founded in summer 2014.  

BISI is a blog and will include discussions about the state of the field, methodological approaches, teaching, reports on conferences and symposia, videos, podcasts, and editorials focused on British Studies across the disciplines.

BISI will host discussion forums, and it will provide a space for scholars to share their current research in a format that is accessible to the non-specialist.  

BISI has its origins in the British Studies Intelligencer, first published by the society in 1962.  The new platform marks a divergence from the Intelligencer's earlier newsletter formats, and it will allow NACBS members to engage with each other more regularly.

British and Irish Intelligencer (BISI) Submission Guidelines

1.  Writers should submit their posts as Word documents to [email protected].  Footnotes are welcome, and our systems will be able to automatically create hyperlinks for them.

2.  On average, blog posts should be 500-750 words.  We can include longer or shorter pieces, but with longer pieces, readership drops.

3.  The house style follows the Chicago Manual of Style.

4.  The audience is primarily British Studies scholars.  However, we encourage authors to write for an educated, non-specialist audience.  The prose should be clear and jargon-free whenever possible.  

5.  Any images need to be in the public domain or have copyright clearance.  Images should be sent as .jpg, tiff, or png files.

6.  Submissions to the BISI Blog give the NACBS the perpetual right to publish the post with attribution to the author.  By default, authors retain copyright.  However, if authors prefer, they may designate a Creative Commons license for their work.  To choose a license, click here:

NOTE: All submissions will be reviewed by the NACBS BISI editorial board.  We intend to provide quick turnarounds on submissions, but responses may take up to 3 weeks.

Editorial Board

Joel Hebert, Media Director
Anna Clark, President
Laura Beers, Executive Director
Ruby Daily, Web Editor