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The NACBS is proud of the accomplishments of its members and is happy to provide a venue to showcase the wonderful work of British Studies scholars. This section of the website is intended to allow members to announce recent publications (especially books), to highlight fellowship awards, and to notify other members of major new appointments and/or positions. It is not intended to circulate calls for papers or to serve as a general mechanism for communication. To ensure that the "Members News" section functions properly, it will be moderated by the association's Executive Secretary.

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'Maintenance in Medieval England' by Jonathan Rose

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Jonathan Rose, Professor of Law & Willard H. Pedrick Distinguished Research Scholar Emeritus at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, has just published Maintenance in Medieval England with Cambridge University Press, in its series Cambridge Studies in English Legal History.

This is the first book covering those who abused and misused the legal system in medieval England and the initial attempts of the Anglo-American legal system to deal with these forms of legal corruption.  Maintenance, in the sense of intermeddling in another person’s litigation, was a source of repeated complaint in medieval England. This book reveals for the first time what actually transpired in the resultant litigation. Extensive study of the primary sources shows that the statutes prohibiting maintenance did not achieve their objectives because legal proceedings were rarely brought against those targeted by the statutes: the great and the powerful. Illegal maintenance was less extensive than frequently asserted because medieval judges recognized a number of valid justifications for intermeddling in litigation. Further, the book casts doubt on the effectiveness of the statutory regulation of livery. In fact litigants used maintenance litigation to harass and burden their opponents. This book is a treasure trove for legal historians, literature scholars, lawyers, and academic libraries.

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'Home Fronts - Britain and the Empire at War, 1939-45'

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Mark J Crowley and Sandra Trudgen Dawson have recently published their edited volume, 'Home Fronts - Britain and the Empire at War, 1939-45' with Boydell Press (July 21, 2017).  The book features contributions from several NACBS members, including Nadja Durbach, Jean Smith and Peter Thorsheim, together with individual chapters by the editors.

There is increasing interest in the "home front" during the Second World War, including issues such as how people coped with rationing, how women worked to contribute to the war effort, and how civilian morale fluctuated over time. Most studies on this subject are confined to Britain, or to a single other colonial territory, neglecting the fact that Britain controlled a large Empire and that there were numerous "home fronts", each of which contributed greatly to the war effort but each in slightly different ways. This book considers "home fronts" from an overall imperial perspective and in a broad array of territories - Australia, India, South Africa, Ceylon, Palestine and Kenya as well as Britain. It examines many aspects of wartime life - food, communications, bombing, volunteering, internment and more, and discusses important themes including identity, gender, inequality, and the relationship between civilians and the state. Besides case studies outlining the detail of the situation in different territories and in different areas of life, the book assesses "home fronts" across the Empire in a comprehensive way, setting the case studies in their wider context, and placing the subject in, and advancing, the historiography.

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DeGruyter Open recently published a two volume reference work edited by Ellis Wasson entitled The British and Irish Ruling Class 1660-1945. The book can be accessed FREE online (vol 1:

Volume 2 ( also available for libraries and reference collections in a print version (Vol. 1 ISBN 978-3-11-054837-2). This data set was collected by Wasson for her book "Born to Rule: British Political Elites" (2000). It contains a listing of nearly 20,000 individuals with information about wealth, country houses, offices held, social origins, etc. It offers a deep pool of data to support further analysis of English, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish social, political, economic, and cultural history.

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Passing of Dr. Ann Weikel

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Dr Ann Weikel, Professor Emerita, Dept of History, Portland State University, died early on May 5 following a long illness. The memorial service to honor her and celebrate her life will be held on June 5 at 3:00 at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Portland, Oregon.

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NACBS member Jessica Winston's monograph "Lawyer at Play: Literature, Law, and Politics at the Early Modern Inns of Court, 1558-1581" (Oxford UP, 2016) has been awarded the Joseph L. Andrews Legal Literature Award, 2017, by the American Association of Law Libraries. The award recognizes significant contributions to the legal literature in terms of legal research or law librarianship. Winston is Professor of English and Chair of History at Idaho State University.

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Recent Publications by Mark Crowley

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Mark Crowley has published the following articles and essays:

‘Technological Change and the Future of Post Office Communications, 1918-45’ History and Technology, 32.4 (2016): pp.1-27 DOI: 10.1080/07341512.2016.1252509

‘Inequality and Value Reconsidered?  The Employment of Post Office Women, 1910-1922, Business History Vol. 58, 7,  (2016) pp. 985-1007 DOI 10.1080/00076791.2016.1155556

'Preparing for a Future War: Pre-War Planning in the British Post Office, 1918-39, History: Journal of the Historical Association, 100 (2015) pp.685-703. DOI: 10.1111/1468-229X.12128

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Jessica Winston's book Lawyers at Play: Literature, Law, and Politics at the Early Modern Inns of Court, 1558-1581, was published by Oxford University Press in summer 2016.

More information is available at:

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Gun Culture in Early Modern England

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Lois Schwoerer's  book, Gun Culture in Early Modern England, was published by the University of Virginia Press in May 2016.

Can be viewed and ordered at:

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Professor Sidney Aster has published Power, Policy and Personality: The Life and Times of Lord Salter, 1881-1975 (April 2016), ISBN-13 9781517179502.

This can be viewed and ordered at:

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Scholars and Poets Talk About Queen

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Publication of Scholars and Poets Talk About Queen, ed. Carole Levin; Associate editor Christine Stewart-Nunez. Palgrave-Macmillan, 2015. This collection contains essays and creative pieces on ancient, medieval and early modern queens.

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