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George Orwell and British Studies

Interest in the life and writings of George Orwell is more intense than ever. Our understanding of Orwell’s life and work continues to evolve as new scholarship provides greater nuance to this important figure. Join Peter Stansky, Laura Beers, and Eileen Hunt for a lively discussion on their recent scholarship and Orwell's broader place in British Studies.

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Specter of the Archive with Nicholas Popper

In this book launch event, Amanda Herbert joins Nicholas Popper to discuss his latest publication The Specter of the Archive.

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Mungo Park's Ghost with Dane Kennedy

In this book launch event, Dane Kennedy discusses his new book Mungo Park's Ghost.

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Love, Friendship, and Narrative Form After Bloomsbury with Jesse Wolfe

In this book series event, Jennifer Spitzer joins Jesse Wolfe to discuss his recent publication Love, Friendship, and Narrative Form After Bloomsbury: The Progress of Intimacy in History.

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A Woman of Influence with Vanessa Wilkie

In this book event, Amy Froide joins Vanessa Wilkie to discuss her latest book A Woman of Influence: The Spectacular Rise of Alice Spencer in Tudor England

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Age of Emergency with Erik Linstrum

In this book event, Dane Kennedy joins Erik Linstrum for a discussion of his latest work Age of Emergency: Living with Violence at the End of the British Empire.

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The Last Treaty with Michelle Tusan

In this book launch event, Tammy Proctor and Susan Grayzel for a discussion with Michelle Tusan about her latest work The Last Treaty: Lausanne and the End of the First World War in the Middle East.

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