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Our Website

Thanks for visiting our new NACBS website. 

The site is a work in progress and we are eager to hear your ideas for improvement. 

The new website has many features not available on the old platform, including conference management, virtual webinars, and more streamlined prize and grant submission.

Over the next few months new features will be added: please visit frequently!

Our fonts

Thought was given to the design of the website and its linkages to British studies broadly conceived. We researched many fonts, for example, but ultimately settled on those from a British font foundry, F37. F37 is based in London and produced a collection of "seven colourful, characterful fonts that take their cue from a miscellany of Britishness" (see this article on them) We've used Humanist (read more about the design cues from British typography) as well as F37's Bolton.


Our images

We selected a diverse range of images that represent British studies across time and place. These were drawn from public domain images from a variety of sources, including the British Library Public Domain collection, the Getty Open Content Program, the Library of Congress, and others.

Is there an image you would like to see on the site? We encourage members to share any public domain images that represent their research or studies. Please email any images, along with information, to

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