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Graduate and Early Career Caucus

The Graduate and Early Career Caucus (GECC) of the North American Conference on British Studies is open to all graduate students and early career scholars who are members in good standing in NACBS, and aims to support, inform, promote, and provide services that benefit the research conducted by these groups. The NACBS GECC hosts a roundtable and workshop during the NACBS annual conference, organizes panels of professional and scholarly interest throughout the academic year, and functions as a direct line of communication with the NACBS Executive Committee. 

GECC Events
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June 7, 2024

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Grad Topics in Broadsides 
GECC Leadership

The GECC is led by two graduate representatives (one medievalist/early modern and one modern). The current GECC leaders are Rachel Monsey, a PhD Candidate at Boston University where she researches 17th and 18th century intellectual history and the politics of mourning and grief, and Michael Vernon, a PhD Candidate at Florida State University where he researches gender expression and land policy in 19th century Ireland and South Africa. If you have questions about the GEEC you can contact Rachel and Michael at

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Rachel Monsey

Boston University

Michael Vernon grad_edited.jpg

Michael Vernon

Florida State University

About our cover image

Image: Detail from Chadwick, Tom, “Object: When fishes flew and forests walked,” illustration from CK Chesterton’s “The Donkey,” c. 1930-7. Image courtesy The British Museum.

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