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The Journal of British Studies

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Founded in 1961, the Journal of British Studies is the official publication of the North American Conference on British Studies. All members of NACBS automatically receive a subscription to the quarterly Journal of British Studies, which is published by Cambridge University Press. Many of its articles are now open access.


The Journal of British Studies publishes peer-reviewed scholarly articles by both established and emerging scholars from around the world that explore diverse perspectives on the past and that place the long history of Britain in a range of global contexts. The journal provides a forum for innovative approaches to the study of Britain and its empire and welcomes research that is comparative, transnational, and global in scope. The journal also publishes book reviews, highlighting new multidisciplinary work in British Studies for its international readership.

Latest Articles

Hobbes, Empire, and the Politics of the Cabal: Political Thought and Policy Making in the Restoration

Matthew Ward and Jacqueline Rose

Brazen as Falstaff, Devious as Iago: Sir Ralph Lane's Approach to Holding Office in Ireland and Virginia

Rory Rapple

"My Heart is a Piece of Stone": Anxious Separations and Emotional Dislocations in British Correspondence from the Long Second World War

Penny Summerfield

“An Offence New in Its Kind”: Responses to Assassination Attempts on British Royalty, 1800–1900

Gordon Pentland

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Susan Amussen

University of California, Merced

From the Vault

Featured articles from past issues 

Nurses_Protest_September_2020_-_07_(50333832082) Knight Garry ed.jpg

Florence Nightingale and J.S. Mill Debate Women's Rights

Evelyn L. Pugh (1982)

Published in 1982, this article examines the private debate on women’s rights that took place in correspondence between Florence Nightingale and J.S. Mill.

Nurses_Protest_September_2020_-_07_(50333832082) Knight Garry ed.jpg

Emily Davies and the Women's Movement, 1862-1867

Andrew Rosen (1979)

This piece, originally published in 1979, explores Emily Davies’ central role in founding and leading the first women’s suffrage society and her ultimate break from involvement in the suffrage movement.

Nurses_Protest_September_2020_-_07_(50333832082) Knight Garry ed.jpg

Editorial Team

Proctor Tammy jbs ed pic_edited.jpg

Tammy Proctor

Editor, Journal of British Studies

Utah State University

Gust onni.jpg

Onni Gust

Book Review Editor, Journal of British Studies

University of Nottingham


Nadja Durbach

Editor, Journal of British Studies

University of Utah

Gehring David.jpg

David Gehring

Book Review Editor, Journal of British Studies

University of Nottingham

Chelsea Reutcke.jpg

Chelsea Reutcke

Assistant Editor, Journal of British Studies


Richard Hornsey

Book Review Editor, Journal of British Studies

University of Nottingham

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