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NACBS Travel Grant for Postdoctoral Researchers


The grant will contribute to covering the cost of visas, travel, accommodation, and subsistence for post-doctoral researchers based in North America working on any aspect of British studies but without access to institutional funding to travel for research. Two grants - one for pre-1800 and one for post-1800 research on British studies, at the value of c. $4000 each.



- PhD (or equivalent) from a North American institution and awarded in the last five years

- applicant living in North America at the time of the application (citizenship status in North America is not a requirement, although applicants may need to get a visa for entry into the UK)

- membership of the NACBS and willingness to present research at the conference

- not in tenure-track position

- lacking or otherwise ineligible for institutional research funds


- research statement necessitating archival research in the UK (maximum 500 words)

- list of archives and materials to be consulted

- breakdown of predicted costs (flights, accommodation, etc.)

- one-page CV

- brief cover letter

We encourage applications from people historically excluded from academia, including scholars from the global majority world, BIPOC in North America, LGBT+, disabled, and women applicants.

Application materials to be emailed directly to Dr Onni Gust at (post 1800) and Dr David Gehring at (pre-1800).

Due Date

April 17, 2023 at 3PM EST

Previous Winners


For the pre-1800: Dr Samuel Fullerton for his work in British and French archives on the relationship between the French Fronde and English Revolution in the mid-seventeenth century.


For the post-1800: Dr Matt McLin for research in Japanese archives on the relationship between British foreign advisors from the Royal Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy during the late nineteenth century.

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