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"Photo Contest"

Mar 31, 2023

What does British studies look like to you?

It is important to us that the NACBS web presence reflects our membership. To that end, we are kicking off a “Photo Contest” to collect images we can use on our website and social media going forward. We are hoping members will share interesting images related to British studies from their research, hobbies, travels, and any photos you may have of past conferences.


Please post your submissions to the forum board “British Studies Images.” Or, send us your favorite images to We do ask, however, that all images submitted are available for use in the public domain or under CC BY or CC BY-SA creative common licenses. If you will be sending your own images, please also include written permission in the email for us to use the images as acceptable to you.

Justinian Gantz, Untitled- caption: 'A European house in Madras', 1834. Image courtesy British Library.

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