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2023 Awards and Prizes

Nov 10, 2023

NACBS Grants and Prizes Announcement

The NACBS grants and awards were announced last weekend at our annual meeting in Baltimore, MD. Congratulations to the following awardees:


NACBS Undergraduate Essay Prizes

  • Ava Thompson (University of California, Santa Barbara). “‘Children like mine’: The Evolution of Discourse on the Irish Unmarried Mother and Institutional Mistreatment from 1922-1973.” Nominated By Jarrett Henderson.

  • Mrinalini Sisodia Wadhwa (Columbia University). “’An Appalling Document’: A Comparative Analysis of James Bryce’s 1915-16 Reports on German and Ottoman Atrocities in Wartime Britain.” Nominated by Susan Pedersen.


NACBS M.A. Essay Prize

  • Elizabeth DeBold (University of Maryland, Baltimore County). “According to my true meaning: emotions and will-makers in southern England during the seventeenth-century.”

  • The committee also awarded one Honorable Mention: Matthew Fulford (University of Colorado Denver), “Becoming better Britons: Canadian emigration schemes and imperial masculinity, 1880-1914.”


NACBS-Folger Shakespeare Library Fellowship

  • Renee Bricker (University of North Georgia), “The Queen and Pungent Times: Elizabeth I and the Politics of Smell.”


NACBS-Gale Non-Residential Fellowships

  • Averill Earls (St. Olaf College) For research connected to her book manuscript Love in the Lav: A Social Biography of Same-Sex Desire in Ireland, 1922-1970 and the development of materials for a “Love & Sex in Modern Ireland” course.

  • Raymond Hyser (University of Texas-Austin) For research on his dissertation “Caribbean Ceylon: Trans-Imperial Networks, Knowledge-Making, and Plantation Coffee in the Global Tropics.”

  • Alexandrea Keith (Northwestern University) For research on her dissertation “'[O]ur art is our lives': Black Women's Theater Organizations as Political Activism Across the Anglophone African Diaspora." 

  • Tanner Ogle (Texas A&M University) For research exploring the influence of the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 on British imperial policy and perceptions, and the development of class activities for an early American history survey course.

  • Thomas Sojka (Boston University) For research on his dissertation “Moving Beyond Mayfair: Rethinking Social Life in Interwar Britain.”


NACBS Dissertation Travel Grants

  • Anna Roberts, (Johns Hopkins University) "Snuff and Snuffboxes in the British Isles and the British Empire, 1660-1867."

  • Courtney MacPhee, (Stanford University) "Apocalyptic Empire: Millenarian Visions for a British Empire in the Early Modern Atlantic."

  • Kristen Thomas-McGill, (University of California, Santa Barbara), "'Now I am Going to Tell You about Sir Hector Macdonald': A Cultural Biography of Memorialization and Child Sexual Abuse in the British Empire."

  • Xiaoyu Gao, (University of Chicago), "Empire of Copper: British Global Trade, Counterfeiting Copper Cash, and China Currency in the Long 19th Century."


NACBS Dissertation Fellowship

  • Magdalene Klassen, (Johns Hopkins University), "Friendly Warnings: Work, Sex, and Young Women Travelling through London, 1885-1925."


NACBS Diversity and Inclusion Fellowships

  • Rochelle Malcolm (Columbia University) for their work on the social history of Brixton as a site of grassroots activism from 1970 to 2000.

  • Bright Alozie (Portland State University), “Voices in Ink: Petitions, Petition Writing, and the Colonial State in Igboland, Nigeria.”


NACBS Travel Grants for Postdoctoral Researchers

  • For the pre-1800: Dr Samuel Fullerton for his work in British and French archives on the relationship between the French Fronde and English Revolution in the mid-seventeenth century.

  • For the post-1800: Dr Matt McLin for research in Japanese archives on the relationship between British foreign advisors from the Royal Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy during the late nineteenth century.


Judith R. Walkowitz Prize

  • Seth Stein Lejacq (Duke University), “‘O my poor Arse, my Arse can best tell’: Surgeons, Ordinary Witnesses, and the Sodomitical Body in Georgian Britain,” published in the Journal of the History of Sexuality in 2022.


Walter D. Love Prize

  • Gili Kliger (Harvard University), “Translating God on the Borders of Sovereignty,” published in the American Historical Review in September 2022.

  • Nana Osei Quarshie (Yale University), “Psychiatry on a Shoestring: West Africa and the Global Moments of Deinstitutionalization,” published in the Bulletin of the History of Medicine (Summer 2022).

  • The committee also selected one Honorable Mention: Arunima Datta (University of North Texas), “Becoming Visible: Travel Documents and Travelling Ayahs in the British Empire,” South Asian Studies (2022).


John Ben Snow Prize


The Stansky Prize



Congratulations to all our grant and award winners! Many thanks to the selection committees!


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