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Announcing Broadsides!

Apr 7, 2023

Introducing our new digital initiative

We are delighted to introduce our latest initiative to expand the NACBS online presence: Broadsides. This digital publication offers a communal-but-curated space to host scholarly discussion on any topic of interest to our membership. Read more about the blog and why

You can read more about the new blog in “Broadsides: Modern echoes of a historic medium,” where Amanda Banacki Perry explains the rationale for naming the blog after printed ephemera. 

We are excited to kick-off with two additional posts! 

In "The Pastor as Pugilist: Nigel Biggar and the Imperial History Wars,” Dane Kennedy responds to Nigel Biggar’s recent publication Colonialism: A Moral Reckoning.  

In “Indigenous Diplomacy, Erasure, and the British Connection,” Emma Katherine Bilski poses a question about Indigenous erasure and representation sparked by decorative medallions on the façade of the Lord Baltimore Hotel, where this year’s annual meeting will take place. 

We are eager for members to get involved! If you are interested in contributing to Broadsides please follow the submission guidelines outlined here. Feel free to reach out to Amanda Perry at with any questions or concerns.

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