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JBS Book Editor/s Search

Jun 6, 2023

The NACBS is looking for a new book review editor/s!

The North American Conference on British Studies seeks a new book review editor or co-editors for the Journal of British Studies to begin a five-year term in summer 2024. The JBS, published four times a year by Cambridge University Press, is the premier journal of its kind in North America, and it aims to be the journal of record in British studies. Each year it publishes reviews of books that address a range of chronological periods, from ancient to modern, and that consider both the domestic history of Britain and broader global contexts. 

The current editorial vision involves retaining the original purpose of the JBS, which has always placed the long history of Britain in a global context, while being attentive to critical shifts within academia and British Studies that foreground a wide range of diverse lived experiences and perspectives on the past. 

The book review editor(s) will be part of creative team working to make the flagship journal of the British Studies community responsive to the insights of Indigenous Studies, Black Diaspora Studies, and Queer Studies alongside longstanding commitments to studies of imperialism and colonialism and scholarship that uses race, ethnicity, gender, class, sexuality, (dis)ability, religion, and age as categories of analysis. Additionally, we seek editors interested in creative and proactive approaches to book reviews in an age of e-books, First View articles, continuous publication, Open Educational Resources (OER), and re-evaluations of the nature and value of the monograph. 

The book review editor(s) should expect to publish at least 200 book reviews per year. 

A generous editorial subvention, currently set at $16,000, provides some funding for the review editors, but applicants must produce a letter of support from their home institution(s) that demonstrates a commitment to this work.  The NACBS hopes to select new editors by November 2023 to facilitate a smooth transition between current and incoming editors, who would begin their term on July 1, 2024. Those interested should submit a short application no later than October 1, 2023, that includes:· an updated c.v. for each proposed editor,· a 600-700 word statement addressing the applicant's past work with NACBS, institutional support for the role, interest/qualifications, and planned use of the subvention· a brief letter of support from the supervisor of the unit(s) 

For information about the current process, contact the current review editors, David Gehring (, Onni Gust (, and Richard Hornsey ( at the University of Nottingham. Questions can also be directed to the journal editors, Nadja Durbach ( or Tammy Proctor ( or to the NACBS vice-president, Michelle Tusan (

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