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Conference Proposals

  1. Names, affiliations and email addresses for all panel participants.  Please note: We create the program from the submission, so be sure that names, institutional titles, and paper titles are provided as they should appear on the program.

  2. A note whether data projection is necessary, desired, or unnecessary. Please only request if AV is central to convey your presentation.  (Because AV is now enormously expensive, it will be provided in only some of the meeting rooms.)

  3. A brief summary CV for each participant, indicating education, current affiliations, and major publications. (two-page maximum per CV.)

  4. Title and Abstract for each paper or presentation (abstracts of up to 250 words). Roundtables do not need titles for each presentation, but if you have them, that is fine.  If there is no title, there should still be an abstract – i.e. “X will speak about this subject through the lens of this period/approach/region etc.”

  5. Posters: Those proposing posters should enter organizer information and first presenter information only.


NACBS 2024 Session Proposal

Session Category
Session AV Needs
Session or paper regional affiliation
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